Thursday, January 24, 2013

Charlotte Bacon

Charlotte Bacon is our guardian angel.

I've been trying to see why she touched our lives.  I might not ever know.  I might not know for years.  All I do know, is that this angel was sent to us.

The Charlotte Bacon I'm writing about left this world in December.  She was a part of a national tragedy.  Due to circumstances in my past, I don't read the stories about mass shootings.  We've been there already.  Way too close to home.   Someone, some place reminded me I can't let these moments pass in vain.

What I know about "our" Charlotte Bacon.  She loved animals.  She got to wear her pink boots and dress to school on the day she died.  She wanted to be a veterinarian.  (The fact is not lost on me that I graduated from Texas A&M University - home of one of the best vet schools in the nation).

From what I now know, a friend of the family has started an organization honoring Charlotte.  The organization is called Newtown Kindness .  They are encouraging children to practice random acts of kindness.  They have print off's you can encourage children to offer random acts of kindness.

Until about two hours ago, I didn't know of this organization.  I just Googled Charlotte's name, to see if I could learn more about her.

They have now posted my original post on their website.

Please help me, help my angel's family, continue to pass on goodwill in her name.  I didn't start this act of kindness, I just hope to pass it on.  It's not coincidence that I received a random act of kindness and this family has created a kindness page to carry it forward.

As I sent the e-mail to the organization, telling them my story, it wasn't me who started it.  It was someone else whom touched me.  I don't need the recognition.  My person didn't either.  My angel doesn't either.  Isn't that the best part of the whole story?  No one is here for glory.  Just, please, carry on......

Oh, and on another note.  After I received my random act of kindness, of course, I did Google the name.  There is also an author named Charlotte Bacon - she used to live in New England, and was a teacher.  Maybe my Charlotte was telling me I needed to go write......

PSS.  When I write the word "kindness" I keep leaving out the "n" - when I type it, it is "kidness"  Maybe we should all practice "random acts of kidness"

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  1. Charlotte Bacon has the same first name as the the name of the ship on the Disney movie, "National Treasure." There is a quote: The Secret Lies With Charlotte.