Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ask about the grills

There are just some things I can't make up - they really happen to me.

As part of my work, I have helped start-up companies "get up and running".  Find office space, get the books (accounting) in order, put processes in place, hire the key people to get the organization up and running.  Then I usually go on to the next project.

This is fun for many reasons.  I learn about many different industries, but really start-ups are all the same.  They are some basic functions they all need.  It also fulfills the "gypsy" in me.  I can stay, but then I hop off to the next adventure.  Sometimes I go into client offices, most of the time I work from home.  When I do go to the client offices, its never a dull moment.  Each culture is very different, yet just the same.  Excitement, nervousness, learning, panic, success and failure.

Today's story brings us to a client site.

The owner of this company and two of the sales guys are in Vegas for a trade show with one of their clients.  It was quite peaceful around the office today.  I'm completing my various tasks and the company had brought lunch in.  The owners wife was in and we were all having a delightful lunch.  She's on the phone with her husband and asks me "Do you need anything from him?".  Me:  "Will you ask him about the grills?"  She replies:  "The GIRLS?",  Me, "No, the GRILLS"  Her:  "Oh, ha ha."  She then says to him, "What about the grills?"  She gives me my answer and while we all thought it was funny, that was the end of it.

Later on, I was downloading yesterday's bank transactions.  This is what I see:

$200.00 cash withdraw
$200.00 b-soll
$200.00 b-soll
$200.00  cash withdraw

Hmmm..... That's unusual.  So, being the sweet girl I am, I look up "b-soll".  Word to the wise, you can Google everything these days.  Let's just say they were at a dance club.

I just smiled.  I'm just there to do my job, not give my opinion.  However, I had to smile.  He must have had a heart attack when she thought I said "Ask about the girls".

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