Sunday, February 2, 2014

What an idea

I'm on the elliptical this morning.  Exercise really does clear my head.

By the end of the 30 minutes, my head was clear and my body was smelly.  But here is what I was thinking during the workout:

"This is all okay.  Maybe we won't go back to Kona this summer.  We can go to another island?  There are many places in this WORLD we can go.  There are many other islands.  We can try a new place.  Or maybe we should go to Puerto Rico?  It's still in the states, I could still work, yet we still have the beach.  
Or maybe, let's road trip this summer.  We could leave Denver, head to Sedona (to see our former neighbor from Hawaii).  Stay in Sedona for a bit.  Head to California.  Stay with some friends out there.  Then head back through Vegas, then to Salt Lake City, then back to Denver.
Or maybe, we go back to Texas this summer.  We drive to Dallas, then head down to the beach with Carolyn and her daughter."

All this went through my mind.  Then I got off the elliptical.

The oxygen came back to brain.  Those all sound like HORRIBLE ideas.  We need to go home.  We will figure it out.

(I told both boys all my thoughts - they both answered the same way "Those are horrible ideas, Mom.  We need to home.")

I get it. I'm on it.

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