Friday, February 7, 2014

Starting over

Can you ever really erase history?  Start at the beginning with no baggage?  Start at the start - again?

I don't know.

My running buddy and his wife (whom have been married for over 40 years), they can start over.  They can start a conversation and realize it's not going in the direction either of them intended.  So, they start over. But, they don't "re-start".  They just "start".  Even in the same conversation.  Stop.  Start.  When you re-start, you "disregard the previous statement".

But, can you really do that?  Un-ring a bell?  Not hear something that was spoken?

We all misspeak.

Say words we wish we could take back.

But, truly, can we undo it?  I know we want too.

Tonight, I was at Duncan't hockey game.  When I walk into the bathroom, there is a group of teenage girls standing there gossiping.  One of the girls gives me a hug.  We talk a bit about her boyfriend (they broke up), she's just there to watch Duncan's team..... Hmmm.....

I then go into a stall.  I hear the girls talking.  I hear "that's Duncan's mom".  The conversation continues.  I giggle.  Then, I couldn't help my self.  "I can still hear you".  I couldn't resist.  It got suddenly quiet.

Leaving the bathroom, they were all standing there.  Pink in the cheeks.  I just said "Hi ladies" and continued walking.

Peter Pan wants to try this.  With me.  I don't believe him.  I look at his track record.  I look at my track record.

This is impossible.

I receive the text, "Shouldn't we try?"

"How do we start over?"  Erase the mistakes and not hold them as grudge?

I'm not sure.

I don't know if I know how.  Although, I remember hearing the greatest form of forgiveness is to let it go.

I don't remember loving you.

So, then I receive a text from Peter Pan.  My reply:  "Who is this?".

"That cute blonde guy you met at a bar."

"Oh, I don't remember much about you."

"Trust me, you want to know me."  Oh yeah?  "Yeah".  "So, do you like tomatoes?"

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