Friday, June 22, 2012

Do you ever really like someone, like you do

when you are 12? 

What, really, is there to like?  Do you like to do the same things I like to do?  Oh, yeah, and are you cute?  And I mean cute by, when you show up at the beach, do you have the cool toys?  And like to play?  What's not to like?

Then life gets confusing.  Because by next summer, you might have liked someone else.  You then arrive this year with last years feelings expecting the last year hasn't happened.  But, what if, you show up, and once again, just want to play?  You know, the play in the water.  The made up games we used to play.  Imagine.  Dream.  The laughter.

This year, I might like you.  You know.  Like you, like you.  Volleyball on the beach isn't the same.  It makes me smile differently when I see you dive for that ball.  It might make me like you more.  In a different way than how I thought I liked you.  In the better way. 

Suddenly, we can't spend the night at each others house.  Well, cause you're a girl and I'm a boy.  Our parents said no this year. 

It only took me 4 days to talk to you.  Even though, just like you, I've been waiting all year to talk to you.  I'm just too shy to admit it.  Aren't we always too shy to admit it?

I hope we are always friends. 

My mom has always friends.  Friends she met years ago.  Friends that are male.  Friends that are female.  As she says, friends arrive in all shapes and sizes in the most unexpected places.  My mom collects friends. Your dad does too. 

She told me, this year is going to be different.  I got a long on and on explanation of what is NOT going to happen this summer.  Then next thing I know, we are sitting with you watching the sunset with your dad and my mom.  She said wasn't going to happen this year.  She was wrong.  She's okay with that - being wrong thing.  We all make mistakes.

Mom has these friends that she met one summer and she says it was 25 years ago.  They are always friends.  Two brothers.  We know those brothers.  It's hard to think that we all might still be friends 25 years from now.  But your dad says the same thing:  "I hope you know these boys forever" 

You never know.

Stranger things have happened.  We might be those brothers. 

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