Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ramblings and firsts

Last year, I wrote a blog on "firsts" and the "firsts" we keep having on the island.  They continue - and not necessarily adventures, but both adventures and moments.

Some ramblings from this side of the world:

  • It's funny how you can see yourself in pictures and not really care that is how you  REALLY look in a bikini.  For all you out there - WEAR it proud.  WEAR what/how you are comfortable. You look better than you think. I don't think I've thought that before.  Or maybe I should just cover up
  • There is truly nothing like watching two kids like each other.  I'm not talking true love.  I'm not talking about forever.  I'm talking about you and me liking each other. There are no "real world" friends around.  And when you and me are 13 years old, there are no words.  There are no words when parents are around.  Yes, Nolan will talk to me.  Lily will talk to me.  Nolan and Lily will not talk to each other if anyone else is around.  To see them on the raft together, in the back of the pick up or running down the street - it's a story filled with words and laughter.
  •  Nolan is SO self-consciences of his size.  It breaks my heart knowing there isn't anything I can do to help this situation.  However, his self confidence continues to inspire me.
  • Our waiter at "happy hour" tonight looks all of 12 years old.  Okay, he looks older than that, but younger than Duncan (whom is 14),  He comes back to our table and says to Nolan "I hear you did the half marathon on Sunday.  How was it?".  Really.  Nolan has a conversation and Dylan (the waiter) leaves.  I wonder who told him?  How did he know?  We did ask, but the answer didn't matter. Nolan and Dylan spoke about looking young and he told him, he would like it someday.  And when Lily arrived to join us, well, I saw Dylan give Nolan "the wink".  It's fun sitting at a table with a rockstar.
  • I'm not sure and I really don't want to know, but I think there was a first kiss. (last summer - it was truth or dare kiss - a spin the bottle type of kiss).  And if even there wasn't, in the history book of life, can we just give them this moment?
  • I took the stitches out of the bottom of my foot today.  First time for stitches - first time to remove stitches.  
  • I'm 43 years old, I thought I was slowing down on the "firsts" I have.  I just want to keep having the adventureous type...... 
And the summer is just heating up.

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