Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You know you're a local when......

  • You avoid town on "Cruise Ship Wednesday"
  • OR you spend as much time as you can in town that day, just to people watch
  • Your son complains of all the "tourists" at the beach
  • It's actually possible to schedule something around sunset - without worrying that you will miss the sunset.
  •  Someone asks if you have a house here - and instead of explaining the whole crazy situation, you just say "yes"
  • you say you live in Holualoa to the clerk to enter your address, you don't have to spell it for her.  (good thing, not sure I knew how to spell it)
  • We actually "own" our own water sports equipment
  • We are not quite so "white"
  • You shower outside - or with complete strangers at the beach
  • You change clothes in the parking lot - and never show any extra skin.
  • You have to listen to you iPod in the car, because you know Bob Marley or some stupid love song will be on the radio otherwise
  • You can give someone directions to your house - in the dark, in the rain and they make it to see you.
  • Mahalo comes out instead of "thank you"
And the true test.....

  • You see a Rooster in the middle of the road, you speed up......

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