Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's a Lion, It's a Tiger....

No, it's Mahi, It's a Marlin, It's an Ahi - NO, it's a SHARK!!!!

Holy cow batman - we caught a shark today.

Yes, a big shark - the kind you see in aquariams - the real ones.  Or on a movie.  Not off the freaking boat!!!

I met a couple back in February named Lance and Georgie.  Georgie suggested I go fishing with the guys the next day.  I did - I'm the type of person whom shows up if you invite me.  Please don't invite me if you don't mean it, I don't have a "no thank you" filter.  Especially when there is an adventure involved.

When I got back to town two weeks ago, I called Lance to let him know I was back in town.  Asked if they could meet for drinks or if he was going out fishing.

Monday he called and said they were going out today.  Nolan and I went.

There were 7 of us.  And a dog (not Dakota - our house dog) - Roxie.  She even wears a life vest.

We caught 7 "aku" (I could have this one wrong) and 1 "ahi" (a little one, with half the filet in my fridge).  We take one of the live "aku" and "live bait it".  In other words, there is a live fish on the line with a hook through it attached to the line on a big reel off the boat.  The line is then attached, to a rubber band.  When the rubber band snaps, the captain (Lance) then speeds up the boat - and SNAP, we hooked him. 

Now the next part, for me, was hysterical.  It was like a bunch of little girls on the boat.  I was up top, looking down at it all.  Lance is yelling what to do to everyone below - everyone is scrambling. 

All I could think was, "where is my beer - this a show, I'm ready to watch".  Nolan is sitting next to me and that exactly what I told him.  Hang on, here is a show.

We saw the "fish" jump up a couple times.  Each guy had a different thought on what it might be.  Whatever it might be, it was freaking heavy and fighting.

Back and forth.  Back and forth. Ahi, Marlin, Ohno,   45 minutes later everyone is still going through their rants.  Then all at once.......  The whole boat, in unison - "SHARK".

The moment it saw the boat - about 10 feet away - he was gone.  STRAIGHT down.  The line snapped and the game was over.

And as disappointing as it is not to be eating Tuna for dinner, it was WAY cool to see a 7 foot 400 pound shark on the line behind the boat. 

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