Sunday, June 24, 2012

The National Enquirer Called

They said "You win"  We couldn't even make this stuff up.

We are all adults here.  Let's put it all on the table. 

The boyfriend has an old girlfriend living at his house.  I've known this since she moved in, in October.   We live 3,000 miles apart.  We all understand.

You also understand, I'm going to see other people too.  We all understand.

Now we have kids involved.  I have told my sons the truth from the very beginning.  You weren't so wise.  Kids are resilient - in fact, we are all resilient, IF we all know the truth - were everyone stands. 

My daughter likes you because you have two cute sons her age.  Yes, she does.  She also likes me, well, because, I'm me.  Wait, now she doesn't like my sons, and wants to hang out with me.  Which is it?  Does she like my sons?  Does she like me? 

I've told you before, I love your daughter, but what I really care about is whom her dad loves. 

Sometimes (and yes I realize I use that word over and over again), we deflect our pain and suffering into another.  Isn't that why we can play the "victim"?  It's not really our fault.  Someone else made us do it.  We have to do it because......  I wasn't strong enough because of my childhood or my brother or my boss or my mother-in-law - they all beat me down.  It was their fault. 

Still believing that story?

I can't do this.



Those four words are really important in a conversation.  Usually, we all stop short.  Of course we do.  It's easier.  We don't want to hurt feelings.  We want it all to be nice.  Life isn't always nice.

I'm going to try. 

Wait, wasn't that my theme for this year?  I completely forgot about it, until I just wrote those words.  I'm going to try - except I spelled it "tri". 

Tri - three?  Three chances?  One more time?  "Tri" again? 

Right now - I'm walking away. Please don't ask me to stay.  Don't ask me to be more than I can, because you can't be more than you are.  You can't say RIGHT NOW.  Instead, you keep saying "You have to have Lily be on my side.  I need you to help make this situation better". 

Guess what?  I can't.  I won't.  I can't do this.  On a train.  On a boat.  On an island.  With you.  Right now.

The National Enquirer called, they said "you win" - we couldn't make this stuff up.....

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