Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's time to clean again.

As in CLEAN the house.  I'm not talking laundry, dishes, vacuuming.  You know the usual stuff.  For some, the daily stuff, or the weekly or the monthly.  Or in case of some people - the usual stuff before company comes over.

I mean CLEAN the house.  Dust the blinds.  Wash the window curtains. Move the furniture out of the way and clean the baseboards behind it.

We usually do this once a year.  I know the theory is better if you clean as you go.  That rule is applied USUALLY to dishes, projects and some landscaping activities.  For some reason, I don't have the "man I really need to clean the baseboard genes".  THANK GOODNESS.

However, when you start swapping your house.  When you start living in other peoples homes.  When you start letting people live in your home.  Well, you become aware, they might not be as "not CLEAN as you".  After all, you do want to make a good impression.

Or maybe, you want new friends and old friends and family to enjoy your house through perfect eyes.

Once you get cleaning, it's not hard.  In fact, it's easy to get a bet obsessive in thinking.  "This is NOT clean enough".

We clean before adventures around here.  Well, CLEAN before big adventures.  It's that time again.  We are cleaning.  Cleaning out the dust from the past.  The cobwebs and fur balls.  It's time for a clean slate.  Or at least a clean house.


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