Thursday, March 27, 2014

Parting Gifts

Tomorrow, "our house" in Hawaii is officially sold.  I mean, it wasn't really "our house", but for 17 actual weeks of our life plus 3 years of thinking it was our house.  It has been our Hawaii house.

The couple has decided it's time to come to the mainland.  Even though, they have lived there for 40 years.  It was time for something new.  It was time for a new adventure.

For now, they are headed here.  To Denver.  To "their Denver house".

They are here, while we are gone.  One final swap.  Only we aren't headed to Hawaii, we are headed on our next adventure.  Keeping them as part of us, yet starting something new.

We spoke on the phone today, I was explaining how the heater worked.  As their house has no heat and they haven't stayed in their Denver house during the winter.  I explained, I keep the heat on low, but I sleep with the bedroom window open.  Feel free to adjust the heat.

"Of course, it could be 70 during the day - or Denver could get 4 feet of snow." She replies, "We are hoping for 70".  "Are you sure you guys know what you are doing coming back to have winter again?", I say.  She says,  "I know, I know, we have said that.".   We discuss the keys - where to leave them,  the return home and how we will handle the final car exchange.

They are going to head East on the day I return.  Not quite sure to an exact location yet, but a new direction. They will leave my car at the airport, texting me the location, locking the other keys in the car.  I will take my extra key.

Tonight as we finished cleaning and packing I put the keys in our usual place.  Locking the car in the garage.  But something was missing.

I just can't let you leave and go to your next journey without a parting gift.

What do you get someone whom helped changed the parameters of your life?  How do you say "Mahalo" (thank you in Hawaiian) to a family whom helped not only shape but grow yours?  How do you say good-bye?

A picture frame?  A candle?  A new key ring for the new keys in their life?

Nah, I did find something for the gift bag. I went and bought them both winter knit hats and two hand held ice scrapers for the car. The attached card:

"May you enjoy the next adventure of your life."
 Love Always,

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