Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Things

Planning the upcoming trip to Europe - I think I'm more excited than the kids.  Although, points and moments come up and then I know they are excited too.

Tonight at dinner, our conversation:

In the midst of course of our "Good Thing, Bad Thing, Funny Thing of the day".  The topics we discuss at dinner.

We were discussing two years ago when we went to San Diego for a hockey tournament.  On the way down, I was with my friend whom lives in LA.  We are talking about the movie "We Bought A Zoo"  - we talked about how it was set in Southern California.  Half way there, we figure out we need to find the zoo.  Only we discover the zoo is in England.

Tonight, for some reason, the subject of this zoo comes up.  (Nolan wants credit for this).  In the middle of dinner, we pull out the tablet and have to find the zoo.  We are going to be in England.  Let's go to the zoo!!!

How exciting is this???

Turns out the zoo is four hours from London.  Not in the direction of the train to Paris.  Not in anyway a place we could make "en route" to where we are headed.

Or maybe, that is part of life.  Our life.  We take those moments and we go.  There is no saying we HAVE to stay in London.  I don't need to drag my kids through a museum.  What are they really going to remember?  My mom wanted us to do these traditional things - or we got on a train, and went FOUR hours out of the way to find a ZOO based upon a movie we watched?

"You know, the zoo is probably lame?"

"Yes, we all agree, the zoo is going to be lame."  But, someone took a risk.  And risked it all.  And some crazy Americans, knew it wasn't really about the zoo.  It was about something so much more.  Or just a little thing.

In the movie, there was a Duncan.  There was a Lily.  We think they might have been missing a Nolan.

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