Monday, March 24, 2014

Series Finale Coming Soon

All good things must come to an end.

Things ebb and flow in life.  They don't keep going - unless you are in a stagnant pond.  Then there is no fresh water.  There is only moldy stuff growing there.  Unless it's from above. When the fresh water happens and comes, it will be good.

This trilogy is coming to an end.  I tend to do things in threes.  3 times in Myrtle Beach.  3 times in Port Aransas.  3 times in Kona.

I had to go to Kona to "get" my third child.  3 years is where I stay my best in one place. Or in series of threes.

So, this blog has taught me SOoooooo much about me.  I've also learned about you - my readers, my loyal companions too afraid to tell me whom you are, but like to have been a part of my journey.  But usually, I hang on to things too long.

This adventure is winding to a close.  A record must finally end.  A television series must wind to a close. Yes, we miss the characters.  We miss they are part of our lives.

BUT, you know that series on TV or book?  When they do a "spin-off".  "All in the Family" I still think has the number one number of spin-offs of all time!.  "Cheers" spun off "Fraiser."  I could go on and on.  We could look up shows from shows.

Of course, my favorite spin-offs was one of the secret "spin-offs" - no one really knew that Seinfeld was a spin off from "Mad About You".  Please forgive me if I get this all wrong - but the guy across the hall from "Kramer" moved out and "Jerry" moved in.

Then there is the book that tells you "this is a part of the DNL series".  Some of the same characters, but new stories.  A new plot.

So we are spinning off this blog, and more will be explained here in the next week.  But this adventure, is coming to an end.

Heads up.

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