Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Are YOU doing here?

Two years ago my sons and I were in Moab with our friends.

This is of course before MY friends, became, well, THEIR friends.  We were at the campfire.  It was cold.  The fire was lit.  It was the desert.  Friends all together.

I'm standing there talking to Rich.  One of the brothers.  Talking about life.  Talking about everything.  

Duncan walks up.

Seriously, my first thought: "Who the hell are you.  And how did you get here?"  You transported yourself.  You see.  At that moment.  I was 20.  Rich was your age.  I truly believed to the core of my existence, well, I was 23.  

Then you walked up.

I was time traveling.

I wouldn't go back, if I couldn't have you.  But, whoooooo, that was weird....

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