Saturday, March 8, 2014


I have several trips booked this spring.  In fact, the month of April, I'm pretty much not in Denver.  And, I can't wait.

I'm on a trip with my kids.  I'm on a trip - with just me.  Then, I'm on a holiday with my Granny. Some friends too.  I have some friends whom live in the same town we are visiting.

An e-mail is sent to a family friend.  A friend I've known my whole life.  A friend where the word forever, means forever.

I sent her an e-mail about a month ago, letting her know what we were doing - looking for suggestions, ideas and what to do.  She's not on Facebook.  I KNOW for a fact, we haven't spoken in at least 15 years.  We've had some communication, but a conversation?  No.  We e-mailed.  Today, she called.  We talked for about 30 minutes.

Her words:  "what do you need me to do, to make this weekend great for you."  I'm here.  Just let me know. I will play tour guide.  I will get your grandmother to the finish line.  Here are some ideas.  We can do this.  We can do that.  I will take take you here.  I will take you there.  Whatever you need.  I'm here for you. Maybe I'll run the race - only then, I can't help you, so I won't run, I'll help you."  Me:  Its okay - you run, if you want, Granny will be fine"  Her:  "Really, it's okay, I'll help you."

Her sons are grown.  One is in the military.  One is finishing his senior year in college.

Oh, wait, when I hang up the phone.  TWO of the parents of the friends of the boys went to elementary/middle school with went to high school with you.  I need to tell you so much more.  Yes, now I realize you don't really listen.

But that's okay - sometimes we don't need people to listen.  We need people to take charge.

We discussed the fact that hockey season is now over.  I told her my mantra: every hockey game, each weekend - it doesn't matter if it's the first or the last.  I say, "I'm going to miss this".  She replies, "No, you won't".  "God prepares you for the next stage in life".

I've known you.  Yet, not known you my entire life.  Yet, you know me too.......

 Thank you. Oh my God, I'm SO much like you.......

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