Friday, March 7, 2014

The Colony

Every spring, we get ants in our house.  Every fall, spiders.  Only the spiders usually aren't too bad. Someone once told me "white spiders" are good luck.  I can't kill those - I have to pick them up and carry them outside.  The others one, the fuzzy ones??? They get killed.  YUCK!

Anyway - the little "ant hotels" work really well.

Only, tonight I arrive home and there are ants all over the kitchen.  They have even been in my bathroom this year.  What the heck?  Go away!

It's been warm/cold/warm/cold - I guess the ants are confused too.  It's WINTER still - not SPRING.

But they don't know this.

Then I went to write this as my status update on Facebook:

"Do you ever wonder when you see bugs/insects in your house if there really isn't a secret hiding place of their whole colony hiding in the crawl space?"

Only, then I thought, everyone really would think I'm crazier than I really am.  (Self admit I can be pretty out there)

Like something that shows up in a horror movie - this entire ANTS movie - only it's real.  It's also in my basement.

Every once in a while, I shine my flashlight into the crawl space just to make sure I don't have an ant colony down there.  A few years ago when my dad moved into his house in North Carolina he had an "attic" with bats in it.  I remember him showing it to the boys.  Once his wife found out - the exterminator came out to get rid of the bats.  I completely understand.

But so far, no colonies  - they just appear from no place.  I found a good safe "pet friendly" spray.  Only it smells like menthol.  My house smells likes a place for old people.  AND the ants are still here.

There is a colony around here.  Tomorrow, I'm going to get them.

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