Tuesday, February 28, 2012

24 hours in a day

There are lots of minutes in a day.  Lots of hours too.

When you get up early, why does it seem like there is SO much day.  It's true if you stay up late, but then there is SO much night.

I've been getting up at 4am.  That's 7am Denver time - to stay on track and work my normal work hours.  Although, when you work those hours - work is over by 1:00pm.  There is still a WHOLE DAY LEFT.

Maybe it just seems like there is a whole day left because I don't have the "normal" chores.  No hockey, no homework, no cooking dinner.  I have to work out.  And I am working tons.  At night, I'm ready to sleep.  It's dark.  It's quiet.  And, I'm EXHAUSTED.  The good kind of exhausted.

The sun sets in Kona at 6:30.  This past summer, the sun set at 6:30pm.  In the winter, 6:30pm is very late.  I think in Denver the sun might be making it until 6pm right now.  In the summer, 6:30pm is very early.  That's a lot of day!

Why at home does it SEEM like the days go faster?  Am I really that much busier?  Or do I just waste more time?  Here my "wasting" time is reading, swimming, boating - it's an activity.  During the summer, at home, I do seem to manage my time better.  Or it's not really managing my time better, I just realized it's spending more time outside.

That's the difference.  I just answered my own question.  It's more time outside - not more time.

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