Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working hard or hardly working

Most times, when you look at another persons life - we are usually envious.  Envy.  Jealously.  I think those are sins.  Other peoples lives always look better - or worse. 

Although we don't always pay attention to the worse.  We might catch it.  It might become part of our lives.  But when someone is living better than us - we feel sorry for ourselves.  How come they get to live that life???  What about me???

A child with cancer.  We aren't envious of them.  If fact, most people think "Thank God, that isn't me".  Come on be honest.  I track two blogs from moms whose children have cancer.  Quite honestly, I LOVE their blogs.  No, I do not love the fact their child has cancer.  I love their RAW, HONEST and brutal comments.  Life is SO sugar-coated these days. 

Life can suck.  Life can be depressing.  When we look at another persons life, it's easy to look at all that is good in there life.  We don't look at the hard stuff.

I read a quote from Dylan McDermott one time and it said (and I'm paraphrasing) "you get 20 bad years in your life, I just got mine out of the way".  He was referring to his childhood.  If you look at it that way in life - take your 20 years.  Truly, as a child, what you think is bad, isn't really all that bad (most of the time) - so go ahead and get it out of the way.  Of course, these are rambling generalizations.

The point of the story is:  another persons life ALWAYS looks better/worse than ours. 

We forget about behind the scenes:
  • No, the actors didn't walk on stage and perform that - they practiced.  
  • The Ironman winner - training is 40 hours per week.
  • The single mom - yes she has her freedom, but she has her lonely nights too.  Or maybe she doesn't have her freedom.
  • That event you attended that everything worked out perfectly - what went into that?
  • The woman whom doesn't have to work, has a nanny, and her kids are almost grown - her husband is gone M-F and has a girlfriend.
  • You work remotely, and sometimes remotely is from Hawaii.  It's still work and conference calls happen at 3am.
It's always looks easy from others eyes.   The trick or I guess the pattern in life, is well, make it work for you.  Live fast. Be grateful. Make it look like you are hardly working. 

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  1. Great post (as always) filled with good points, especially your last statement: Make it look like you are hardly working.

    Love it!