Thursday, February 23, 2012

We've STILL got it

Granted, I REFUSE to believe I don't look as young I used too.  And I know, "I wouldn't understand"  Of course.  I didn't understand either.

My, this story could get complicated, but really, it's one of the best stories ever.

My BFF comes to town.  And truly, as those of you who don't know, she is the best friend ever.  And for those of you whom know us, well, you know us.

Long story short.  And way too much of a story to still be repeating - I got my heart broke.  But not really, he wasn't mean to me.  And quite honestly I broke HALF of my own heart.  I thought he was something he wasn't.  I will take responsibility for half my heart.  And the other half..... I would do it all again.

What cures a heartache?  Time.  Ugh!! Time sucks.  Sometimes it goes SO slow.

And of course, the GODS were looking out for us.  Carolyn's trip was planned to Colorado in July for her arrival in October.  THANK YOU GOD.  (If you want to thank your GOD for her, please do, she's been a blessing in mine)

We go to Vail.  We are THE ONLY PEOPLE at our hotel. How fun is that.  Granted, it's a small hotel, but still.  When I told my sons "We were the only people at the Sitzmark.  And they left the pool/hot tub open for us."  The look of envy on their faces was priceless.

It's DEAD in Vail.  It's Off-season.  There is not enough snow.  Not enough hiking trails.

Red Lion is CLOSED for a private party.

Dear German Woman at the Door:

Thank you for turning us down and not letting us in.  After all, it WAS a private party. 

I told you we would be back.

Thank you for trying not to smile as you told us we weren't allowed.  

Thanks for not laughing at us after we knocked on the windows and they let us come in. :-)

THANK YOU, for being nice as we ordered drinks from the bar.  Well, we told you we would be back...

Thanks for the new friends we can banter with for years to come.

Oh the friends I've met in Vail.

Thanks for adding a few more to the Rolodex (OMG - that word just came up on Spellcheck)

And THANKS for my thirties........

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  1. "Knocked on the windows" - that's My Leasa! Doesn't surprise me one bit!