Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tourist of Kona

As a collective bunch, tourist, in general are a very funny group.  And it's not just in Kona. 

I know Europeans make fun us Americans by the things we do when we go there.  Truly, it's really everywhere.  When we visit a place, as a majority (and these are all going to be generalizations), we don't assimilate at all to the local culture.  We look and act just like we do at home, therefore sticking out in a different place.

Chain restaurants.  I'm not personally a fan.  Good thing about chain restaurants:  USUALLY, you know what you will receive.  The quality and consistency of food is the same.  There is safety in that.  HOWEVER, you can eat that at home.  WHY oh WHY my dear tourist of Kona, would you come ALL THE WAY TO HAWAII and eat at Bubba Gump's Fish place.  Please tell me why??  It's near the pier - I get that, so are 100 other places to eat.  On cruise ship Wednesday, all the tourist off the boat are in town.  I get it, it's crowded in town.  And then you buy your son the Forest Gump t-shirt from Bubba Gump's?  Okay, maybe you don't have one of these in your town.  This is the first one you have ever seen.  Please just for me, next time you come to Kona, have lunch at the Fish Hopper across the street. Or at Huggo's on the Rocks - it's just a little further walk.  Great local places, incredible food and a very fun atmosphere.  Please.  You are trying a new place to visit, try a new place to eat.

What is with the matching clothes?  I'm talking about the women here.  Men, have we really taken away all your self-respect?  The couples in matching clothes.  Okay, that's KINDA cute - and I mean kinda.  The lady in her dress made of the same material as the husband's Hawaiian shirt.  BUT, to the three men in matching shirts with their wives.  Really?  I just shook my head.  No words really to write.

Ask a local.  Ask a local ANYTHING.  Where do you like to eat?  What is a local fruit I can't find anywhere but here?  What's the island known for?  Go to the farmer's market.  Try some leikes, try some Portuguese sausage.  Try some poke.

I applaud you for being out and seeing new things.  Try some local things too.  Please, just for me.

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