Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fasinating Person #1 2012

Vanessa Antrobus Quinn  - this one is for you!

My theme for the year is about the people I meet along the way.  And I MEANT the people that I met along the way THIS YEAR, but as we know not everything works out the way we want it too.

I never met you.  Met, yes, past tense.  I was not fortunate enough to meet you.

5 years ago today someone decided to commit suicide by police and took you AND 5 others with him.  A random senseless act of violence.  (Google her name - you can read the story.  Or click here for a direct link).  This happens to OTHER people.

Although you are no longer with us - you have effected our lives.  My life.  My sons lives.  I want you to know what you have been doing, while you are not here.

One of my dearest friends was married to you.  He misses you every single day.  I have felt his hurt and pain and know that only you could help this.  To see someone hurt the way he hurts.  I feel helpless.  Not something I feel on a regular basis.  This instance, I can't "fix".  I can't make it better.  I can't make it go away.  Almost the feeling a mother has for her child - please, just make it better.  You have taught me that some pain will never go away.  It will lessen with time, but there will always be a scar.

You have INCREDIBLE friends.  INCREDIBLE.  There are no words for our mutual friends.  I now have the joy of your friends in my life.  The Russo and Streeter kids are growing like weeds.  There are some new additions too.  And Petey even has a girlfriend.

I somehow missed meeting you in life.  So did my sons. The year after your death we went to your house.  And after our trip I told them your story.  I want you to know every year on your birthday and the day you died,  my sons reach out to Rich to let them know they are thinking of him.  In fact, they ask me, if they have the date correct.  (I don't think they know MY birthday, but they know yours).    They are now 12 and 14 year old boys.  Not many boys know compassion like you have taught my sons.

For whatever reason, I got back in touch with your brother in-law after many a years - literally 6 months before you died.  He was out of shape, over-weight and I told him he had to do a half-marathon with me.  If you hadn't died, he wouldn't have done it.  Thank you.  (He should thank you too, but well, he's not good at those things).  Now I have a memory of a weekend on Catalina Island, that I would have never had, if it hadn't been for you.

Even though we never met - this is what I do know about you:

  • You lived life to the fullest
  • You have incredible friends
  • You liked music that is embarrassing to admit to like, but you liked it anyway  ( and I REALLY like that about you)
  • Strey Dog and Jackson Dog are lovable (you raised them well!)
  • And for you to have loved Richie, well, we know you are even more special.  ;-)
Thank you for enriching my life.  Thank you for making my sons even better gentlemen than I had hoped or dreamed.  

We are here celebrating you.  Thank you.  Rest In Peace

Vanessa Antrobus Quinn  February 8th, 1978 – February 12th, 2007  

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