Sunday, February 26, 2012

I need a sign

Not one of THOSE signs.  Not the Jeff Foxworthy signs.  Not a storm warning sign.  A sign I want to see. 

I'm a firm believer in foreshadowing.  We just don't always see the 'signs' - the indicators in life.  We just don't pay attention.  They are there.  All the time.  We just need to listen.  Pay attention.

Of course, as a female.  I make things into more than they really are.  Maybe it's not a sign.  Maybe it's just life.

My best girlfriend got married in 1999.  I gave her champagne toasting flutes - Waterford.  They had a series going.  I think I gave her the "Love" set.  It kicked off a tradition.  That was then the "gift" to give from her to the others getting married.  I never got a set.  I was married first.  I started the started the tradition.

Finally, as many times in life, I ordered by own.  I ordered "Tranquility" Waterford champagne flutes.  Red wine "prosperity" goblets arrived.  I kept them.  I was "meant" to have them.   They have both broken since that time.  And when the first one broke, I didn't think anything of it.  Of course, I was divorced by then and only needed one. :-)  When the second one broke, it was YEARS later.

Did this mean "prosperity was over", "I was starting a new chapter", "leaving the past behind".  I came up with numerous things that this glass breaking could have meant.  Finally settling on, "maybe it means, I broke a glass"......  Sometime things just happen and that is all it means. It happened.

What about when we want to see a sign?  Does the absence of a sign mean that IS the sign?  It (being the universe) is telling you "there is nothing to tell you".   Or "the fact that there is no sign IS your sign".  Quit looking.

I don't attend church services on a regular basis, but I do like church.  Sometimes when I'm sitting there, they are speaking directly to me.  And I truly believe that is the point of church.  You live a Christian life in everything you do.  Walking into a church doesn't make you more or less of a Christian.  However, I remember a piece of a sermon very clearly.  Of course, I'm paraphrasing here, but this is what I remember:
  • A woman lived in an area where a flood was coming.  Everyone was told to evacuate.  A car drives by and tells the women to get in.  She says, "No.  GOD will save me".  The car leaves.  More rains come.  She climbs on top of the house.  A guy comes by in a boat:  "Get in the boat".  "No, No, GOD will save me."  The boat goes on.  The floods continue.  The woman climbs into a tree.  A helicopter swoops down with a rope:  "Get in the helicopter".  "No, No GOD will save me".  The woman dies and goes to Heaven.  While at the Pearly Gates, she says to Saint Peter "I was a good Christian woman.  I lived my whole life devoted to Christ.  At the time of need, where were you?"  St Peter replies, "Well, we sent you a car, a boat and a helicopter".......

Sometimes we need to remember to get in the car.  Don't wait for the boat.  What if we don't recognize it?

That is really my point here.  What if there is no sign?  No car that comes by and tells us to get in?  Is there always a sign?  Only if it's not the sign we want/don't want - we don't listen?? Just because it doesn't arrive in the package we think it should, doesn't mean it didn't arrive.

OR maybe, we just weren't patient enough.

I have two friends whom have three kids each.  In both instances, the first two were conceived through in-vitro fertilization.  The third?  Came the old-fashioned way.  That child was meant to be born - to be the third child.  OR MAYBE, the third child was supposed to be the first.  They just weren't patient enough. 

There aren't always signs on waiting patiently.  Maybe the car came by and told you to wait for the boat, but the boat didn't get there fast enough for you.

When there is NOTHING, not a thing, not a sign telling us what to look for or where to go next.  MAYBE, just MAYBE, it's telling us, we already know where to go and what to do.  THAT is our sign.  Not having a sign - it's telling us we already know.  We just have to trust ourselves to believe it.  We know what to do or what NOT to do.  We already learned this.  (and that's not always want we want to hear).  We already have our sign. We've had it for a while.  We know what to do.

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