Thursday, February 16, 2012


Webster defines passion as "the state or capacity of being acted on by external forces.  Intense driving feeling or convection.

Many times in life we confuse love with passion. 

Love is defined as "strong affection"  Or as a verb, "an object of affection"

The difference being strong vs intense.  Passion being ruled by external forces. Most people LOVE lots of things.  LOVE lots of people. 

PASSION - now this is where the numbers dwindle.  How many people do you know whom have passion in their life?  Are passionate about something?  I LOVE watermelon.  Not passionate about watermelon.

And we confuse the two. 

If we are lucky, we know passion.

An acquaintance of mine from years ago was recently told she could no longer practice judo.  Several diginitive  discs in her neck and back.  She's devastated.  Not only does she LOVE this sport - it is her passion.  She feels like the doctors have told her they have to remove a part of her.  And in truth, they do.

Think of all the opera singers, the musicians, the athletes whom LOVE what they do.  Actually, some of them might not love it, but they are good at it.  Others, it helps them breathe.  What about the teachers - the instructors of anything (musical instruments, singing, 4th grade math) whom are truly PASSIONATE about their job.  What's the old saying?  "Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life" 

My youngest son was fortunate enough to make the 7th/8th grade boys basketball team at school.  He's the shortest player on the team.  He probably sees one minute of playing time every OTHER game.  BUT, he's very very lucky.

The head coach is a mom at the school.  She played women's basketball at Princeton.  Then she coached there for a bit.  Her husband is the men's basketball head coach at Denver University.  He has the opportunity to learn from someone whom is still very passionate about basketball.  So passionate in fact, she was ejected from a game for yelling the referee.  Yes, that's right - yelling at the referee at a 7th/8th grade basketball game.  She was ejected and suspended for a game. 

The entire scenario made me laugh as it unfolded.  First of all, she was right.  The ref was wrong.  And she knew it.  And she couldn't let it go.  It's not a matter of right and wrong at that point - it was the passion.

My son has this great opportunity to be coached by someone whom truly is passionate about what they are teaching.

What do you love from 10 years ago?  From when you were a child?  Those things are harder to remember.  We love lots of things in our life.  Only a few know true passion. 

Love comes and goes - passion is forever.  Go find your passion.....

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