Thursday, February 23, 2012


The water makes everything right in the world.

You are weightless.  There is no stress on your joints, your bones, your body.  You are just one with the water.  Oh and the fish, and the turtles.  My favorite fish is the "trumpet fish" - skinny and long.  Very strange looking, but beautiful.

With swimming you are alone with the water.  Alone with the world.  Yet, one.  There is no noise in the water.  You can hear the chains that are attached to the buoys.  They clink.  They sound likes bells under the water.  Nice deep bells.  Not annoying at all.

I understand how people can be scared of the water.  A few years back, while competing in a triathlon, I had a panic attack.   I started out too fast.  There were too many people and I panicked. I was able to recover by flipping over on my back and got my breathing under control.  For the first time in my life, I understood how people could be scared of the water.  Until that point, I never understood it.

Water is a powerful force.  You are completely NOT in control.  After my surfing accident last summer (read Ocean Water Rescue)  I was humbled.  I was never scared and no Nolan, I did not cry.  It made me aware.  Aware that I wasn't in charge.

I'm simply amazed at the number of adults whom don't know how to swim.  Everyone needs to learn to swim.  EVERYONE.  PERIOD.  This planet is made up of more water than land.

Swimming is amazing.  Water is incredible.  And it's calling my name.....

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