Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A local whom doesn't live here

Are you here for business or pleasure?  Do you live here or work here?  Yes.  That is the answer.  It's both business and pleasure.  It's living here it's not living here, but knowing people and knowing where to go.  Yes, I also work here - only all my clients are on the East coast.

For years, I've claimed to be "A local whom doesn't live here"  in Vail.  I LOVE Vail.   Of course, I love to people watch.  There is no better place to people watch.  I know the great local places.  The great tourist places.  Where to go for the best specials, the best foods and where not to go.  A local - only I don't live there.

Back in Kona.  Ahhhhhhhh.  An avocado was $1.29 at the DRUG STORE today - AND it was the size of a grapefruit.  No, I didn't buy it - I get them for free on the tree around the corner.  Poke (pronounced Po - kay) - fresh tuna sashmi style - $2.00 for 4 ounces - caught fresh TODAY.  Yum.  Only eat out at Happy Hour.  Everything is cheaper then.  Yummmmmm.

The funny thing about being in a place where you live somewhere, but you really don't is really the people.   We all know bartenders and wait staff have seen it all.  When you are in a tourist town, they have really seen it all.  What happened to me last night is usually the opposite of what happens.

In Denver (and probably most towns), if you go to the same restaurants/bars - they recognize you.  You get a little better service, they know how you tip and to watch out for you.

In new city, people don't know you.  But what about the city you living in, but you don't live in?  Here is where the difference begins.  I knew the bartender and a couple at the end of the bar.  I remembered them from my summer adventure.  They didn't recognize me.  (Maybe it is the fact that I didn't have a black-eye this time.  ;-) )

Tourist towns - the people must all begin to look the same.  All the stories are different - in a way, but yet all the same.

Today, Timeshare Paul recognized me.  He even gave me a hug.  I had tea with the people whom live in "my house".  They recognize me.

I have friends here, but I don't.  I know people, but I don't really know people.  And I'm just here for a short time.  BONUS:  I haven't gotten lost once.   I know my way around.  I'm a local whom doesn't live here.

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