Sunday, October 14, 2012

A different perspective

       This post is being written by a different person, my moms youngest and favorite child, Nolan. My mom is, well, a nut.
        For example, she does hula hooping I mean come on; one of my friends saw her on the news for hula hooping and all I could do was shake my head. He doesn't understand, I have to live with  - she's always like this.  She even goes to classes for it and actually thinks its exercise. She also carried one to the beach every day, and expected people to join her.
        Next, her friends are crazy too, one of them walks around with a clown nose on, and has a dog named Walter. That's not normal. Her friend even brought me a clown nose thinking I would join their little clan. One New Years Eve, two of her friends were over and started "partying a little to hard".  One of them found a sushi making kit with a Japanese bandanna in it and he ran around the house screaming SUSHI!!!
         Then every time something about Hawaii comes up she completely loses it. She starts crying and wishes she was there. When the Kona Iron Man was on she had it streaming for over 8 straight hours, COME ON.  Also, all she can talk about is moving there when we are in college.
        Another story:  my mom is the biggest dork ever. One time when we drove our car on a ferrie in Texas to take us to the other side, she and my crazy Aunt Carolyn were talking about how this was so much fun as a kid, so she got out and started taking pictures, but the ride was only about 2 minutes long.  Also, if I go somewhere without her she talks for 1 million hours about how much she's going to miss me.
          My chance at a normal childhood has completely gone out the door.  I am not saying that is a bad thing necessarily, but with Moab, and Salt Lake City I've just stopped trying.  While all this stuff  might be true,  I wouldn't have her any other way.       Well, maybe just a little different.
Thanks for everything mom.

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