Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have a piece of paper dated October 2009  - Goal  $1056.

It's in a Folder that says 2010 on the label.

Then it reads as follows:

  • Wyoming             $50
  • Tylenol                 $180
  • Lotion                   $75
  • Baking                  $75
  • Wine                     $100
  • Tylenol II              $90
  • YP Study               $200
  • Radio Station        $50
  • Dating                    $85
  • USAA                    $150                          Subtotal  $1055
  • Software                $250                           Total  $1305

Lipstick Communications    $1500                     Final Total  $2805

In September 2009, I received an e-mail about a marathon in Greece.  I've mentioned completing the marathon.  Here is where it all really began.

A dear friend of mine wanted to go to Greece.   We were setting goals together.  I was doing research for her.  I found the marathon in Greece.  Let's go do a marathon.  She replies "I want to go to Greece.  I hate running".  For me though, the idea took over.....

It was the Twenty Fifth hundred anniversary of the original running from Marathon to Athens.  If I ever was going to do one, this had to be the one.

Gypsy girl - says "I'm going"  - Career Woman/Hockey Mom - says "How are you going to do this??"  The practical one of the two of us.  Not only "HOW (by running) but HOW (by how am I going to pay for this??)

The running part:  Run 1 minute, walk 1 minute;  Week 2  run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes, the suddenly it was run a mile, walk a minute.  Then somehow, it all came together.  I was focused.

Which brings us to:  "How am I going to pay for this?"  I make decent money.  Not over the top.  Comfortable, yet I still feel like I'm always going to run out of money.  I do budget, and I had year to come up with this money.

The Goal was born   $1056 - 5 nights in Athens, transfers, dinner before the race, reception 2 days before the race, extra night.

The of course, let's add a few nights - let's go to Santorini.  Spend a couple of nights there. Airfare to get there $1200.

(By the way, I went with a group - a travel company whom takes people to run marathons).  More on my recruiting abilities for them later......

My total is now close to $2500.  New goal.  How am I going to raise my money? 

As I mentioned, I recruit.  I'm a good recruiter.  I could have easily said "make an extra placement over your goals for recruiting - and it more than covers it".  That would be SOOOOOO boring.  Recruiting pays for the real world.

A friend of mine whom lives down the street e-mails one day - she leads/creates market research for different companies.  "Would you come to a focus group for 2 hours on Wednesday, the compensation is $50 - and we will provide lunch".  Sure, no problem.  It will get me out of the house.

Then, I was in a coffee shop - "Tylenol study" - need research participants - cash compensation $180 on the bulletin board.  Take a slip.  What, am I in college??? 

Wait, I just spent basically 4 hours of my time, in two different activities and earned $230.  Huh.  What if I started a list, and tried to see how many studies I can participate in during the next year -  use this to pay for my trip???  An the idea was born.

It was no longer about the money - it was a goal to help me reach my other goal. 

The really funny thing is - USAA is my insurance company - I was 151 dollars short of my goal and it was August.  They called me and asked me - RANDOMLY and asked if I would participate in study reviewing them as a company, they would pay me $150.  Really??? 

Two months out.  I was  ONE DOLLAR short of my goal. 

One more surfaced - from some place in this universe.  THEN, the woman down the street.  The one whom asked me to participate in the first study?  She called.  Can you help me out - I have this research project, but I don't want you to participate.  I know you are a recruiter - can you help me recruit participants.  It will take x amount of time at x per hour- can you get done before your trip?  Yes.  Yes I can. 

$1500 later.  I not only surpassed my first goal.  I paid for my whole trip. 

Most market research companies probably don't want to know I was this active in their marketing research, but I was FOCUSED. 

PS - I had a GREAT time in Greece......

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