Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"I wouldn't wish a 13 year old girl

upon anyone.  Speaking from someone whom WAS a 13 year old girl".

I've said those words, over and over and over again.

Stereotypical 13 year old girl:  hormonal, moody, hates you, angry with the world, beautiful - insecure. Wait, doesn't that really describe the whole world??

First 13 year old girl:

TIFFANY  I was 18.  She was 13.  Divorced father, little brother, dad's girlfriend is pregnant, Mom left them.  How the hell did I fall into this??

She needed me as much as I needed her.  I was a freshman in college.  I was there to baby-sit the little brother and help out around the house.  Cook dinner.  She did not want to like me.  She cried when I left.  She didn't recognize me when I showed up at her wedding 15 years later.  When she did, we both cried.  Sometimes you can leave the people you love - you know they will pick you up later.


My second 13 year old girl.  I've loved Erin since she was one.  How could I not love the 13 year old version of her too?  I didn't have to live with either one of these girls.  But, that's what Auntie's are for.

I took her to her first R rated movie.  I let her have her first drink of alcohol and stay up past midnight.  She had some obstacles in her life, and she didn't want me there - thinking she would disappoint me, only she should know, I would be there.  It wasn't me she wasn't letting down.  It was herself and her expectations she had, not me.  I will always love her.  No matter what.


Then God gave me boys.  THANK YOU.  For my wonderful incredible boys.  Because, after all, "I wouldn't wish a 13 year old girl upon anyone".  I was given the children I needed.

THEN I was told, ONE MORE:

You aren't done yet.  Here is another 13 year-old girl.  Beautiful, insecure, hormonal, love-struck, boy-crazy, 13 year old girl. She needs you - just as much as you need her.

I've said for years, "I wouldn't wish a 13 year old girl on anyone".

I've changed my mind.  You could only be so lucky to share this part of their life with them.. I have loved them all.  I have been very lucky.   Yes, I'm the lucky one.  The one whom warned everyone about the teenage girl. Teenagers?  YES.  In fact, give me a room full of them.  I can handle it.  All of them.  Every single one. 

They don't need me in their lives.  They want me there.  I want to be there.

Now, babies on the other hand, I'm not really good with them........

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