Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I took a part-time job.

No, no longer delivering flowers (although I did this a few weeks ago).  I got a whole one dollar tip.  I hate running errands.  I really don't need to do this.  If I'm going to earn some extra money, I need to do something I like.  Not this ridiculous thought of running errands - I HATE running errands......   Remember, I did this already.  I owned a gift company.

I need to do something I've not ever really done before.  I need to be a place I've never been.  I need to work hard doing something that challenges me.

I just landed.

Right where I needed to be.

Of course I did.  Where else would I land???

My part-time job?  I'm an "Office Manager for an Internet Start Up Company".

Me:  Three days a week.  X amount of money

Him:  The position pays X - y.  Let me know if that works

Me:  You want me there.  I will take (X-y) and two days a week.  I want a piece of the pie when you sell.

Him:  Ok - so I will pay you at X - y.  And, we will put the paperwork for you to have some pie. ;-)

Me:  I will take it.  You aren't going to be able to live without me.

Him:  We know that.  Thank God we found you.

Me:  It's been two weeks. Just when I think I have it all under control, I learn something new.  And I'm finishing your thoughts.  BTW, I leave for Hawaii in Jan.  And I need a month off in July.

Him:  When you run off, we aren't going to be able to live without you.

Me: I know.

Him:  Smile.

Me:  I didn't say this out loud.  My first thought:  "Did you ever watch Ghostbusters".  I'm that girl.  The receptionist. If you haven't seen the movie in years.  You should.  The receptionist starts out very mild mannered.  In the end, she was one of them.

I was always afraid of the stereo type of "receptionist"  "office manager"  "Admin".  I was too proud.  Too proud to admit I wasn't everything I appear.  Too afraid to admit that I'm "just the receptionist" I've worked hard to not be "An Admin" - I'm the woman in charge". 

Then something changed.  Maybe spending two summers in Hawaii helped me find the girl living inside the woman. I'm over being in charge.  I don't care what you call me.  Well, as long as it isn't "B*tch"..... They aren't two separate people, they are one and rolled into one...... we should all be afraid.

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