Friday, October 26, 2012


Granny:  How's Earnest doing?

Me:  Granny, his name is Everett.  He's doing well.

"Earnest is nice man"

Me:  Yes, Granny, EVERETT is a really nice man. 

This conversation went on for years.

Everett was one of my closest male friends.  I would even go to say he, for a period of time, was one my my closest of friends.  Period.  He was in the "inner circle". 

I loved him.  I love his children.  We vacationed together.  We skied together.  We met fun friends together.  It was everything a "relationship" was/is supposed to be.  ONLY, there was no chemistry. We were FRIENDS.  Only, male/female, but JUST FRIENDS.

On a camping trip years ago, I had his son and my two sons (he wasn't there), late at night, I was sitting around the campfire with one of his dearest male friends. 

Granted,  I'm a little slow some times.  I accept things at face value - I don't dream on.  Remember, this is an Independent Film.  However, here is this very successful male with two kids.  Here is a successful female with two kids.  It worked for us.  Truth be told, I have never kissed this man.  It would be like kissing my brother.  Our joke for years "I don't care what you say about kissing your sister/brother, I'm still not kissing you".

Back to the campfire.  "Earnest" is really high maintenance. I did love the man.  Only, I didn't LOVE him, like society thought I should.  Loved him in the way, that we worked well together, only, well, I was attracted to him in a safe big brother kind of way.  Not sure if he was never attracted to me. 

Once again, back to the campfire. 

Me:  "Robbo, are we the only two people that don't know we are in love with each other?"

Robbo  (his closest male friend):  yep........

He walked off.

Ok, game changes.

Only, I know I always loved this man.  Only, he's too controlling, too...... and on and on and on.  He remained my good friend for many years.  Then one day, a new girlfriend didn't understand, truly, he IS JUST MY FRIEND.

In the picture, he fits.  I fit into his picture. It all works perfect.  Only,  it doesn't matter HOW long you know someone, how much money they have, or where they live - if it DOESN'T FIT, well, it doesn't fit.

I wish it did.  He was a great dad.  (It's been years since we've hung out together).  He's financially, well, let's just just say, the his and her Porches' would not have been a problem.  Then one day, he quit calling....  Wait, "you are one of my dearest friends and you just STOP CALLING ME???"  Being the proud woman I am, well, let him go on...

We ran into each other and he can't even talk to me.  I don't have friends like this.  When you have me as a friend, you, well, have me forever.  I was friends with him for years - then he just went away.....

I asked Robbo about this one day.  After all, we are still friends.  "What did I do wrong???  Where did my friend Everett go??."  Usually, when I have friends, I have them for the rest of my life.

Pause  "I had nothing left to give". 

Robbo:  He knew that - he had to go get more

Me:  I don't have friends like that. 

Robbo:  The rest of us know that - that is why we all will be together forever.  He was put here to connect the rest of us.

Me:  Yes.

Me:  But, I don't have to miss you.  You will always be here for me.  He keeps going, trying to get more. 

Robbo:  Yeah, but he was supposed to connect the rest of us - and we all knew that from the beginning.  We just didn't know we knew it.  (BTW, I had two knee surgeries, I golfed with your son)  Debra and I can't wait to dance at the boys wedding.....

Me:  My boys know that. 

BOYS:   By the way,  Robbo and Everett know each other???

Me:  Everett was friends with Robbo & Debra, that's how we met them.

BOYS:  Really, Robbo and Debra are friends with Everett?????

Every once in a while, you get a tap on your shoulder.......  "Do you want to meet????"  Only, well, you add this person to your team....

I ran into Everett tonight.  He introduced me as the mom of "Our kids grew up together".  I immediately mentioned, "Oh, Granny, says hi".   I have to go.......

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