Sunday, October 7, 2012

Random Strangers

Random Strangers have shaped my entire adult life.  They probably shaped parts of my earlier life, but I love when moments happen and someone leaves a mark.  They never know it.  You can never tell them.  You remember them forever.


Today was a picture perfect Colorado day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  55 degrees.  Crisp.  Leaves changing. 

I've been seeing this guy - and this was his suggestion of the day:  "Let's take a drive.  Go the changing of the trees and pack a lunch.  We'll be back in time to watch the Broncos game."  (Oh, we didn't make it back it time for the game - it was just too beautiful outside to worry about going home).

Sounds like a delightful day.

We head out.  Let's go to Estes Park.  Beautiful drive - beautiful town 2 hours and a lifetime a way.  We live in an incredible place.  There is a guard at the Stanley Hotel (you know, the one from The Shining).  I say, "tell him we are here for the wedding".  He does.  I can't look, I'm trying not to laugh.

We sit on some side steps of the Stanley Hotel and have lunch.  We have wine, wraps, fruit, nuts. A relaxing perfect afternoon.

(Looking at the pictures, we were on the first steps to your left).  Yes, I took this picture - turns out my camera has a panoramic button!!!

(Our view from the steps)

A lady walks out of the hotel and notices us on the steps.  "Look, they are having a picnic.  Aw...."

Me:  "You can join us, if you want".

Him:  "We have plenty of wine".

Her:  "Aw..... They are having a picnic.  Aw......".

No, she didn't come over.  She did make me smile.  Thank you random lady for making us smile.  I hope you are still smiling too....

Then we are in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Some roads were closed and some park rangers were out at different spots.  Not sure how, but we got on the subject of "Yogi Bear and his buddy BooBoo".  We are at this dead end, in the middle of a forest, and there is a park ranger.

Him:  "Excuse me, we are looking for Yogi Bear and BooBoo"

Park Ranger:  Pause.  Smile  "Haven't seen them in a while, but I know they are here"......

Still no bear sightings.  Lots of Elk.  Lots of tourist.  A few deer and a few rams.  Still no bear. 

Lots of random strangers making each other smile.....

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