Monday, October 29, 2012

Columnists of the Next Generation

NEVER, did I think I would be writing.  Or people would be reading what I write.  I hated English & Composition.  What??  Writing?  A few things I remember:

Don't end a sentence in a preposition because of.

I before E except after C, except for a few exceptions like WEIRD, but that's a weird word anyway.

An before a vowel, A before a constant.

Pretty much sums up my entire literary writings. On top of that - I didn't like it PLUS wasn't very good at it.

Once though, there was a foreshadowing event in my life.  I was in 12th grade.  I ended up in riding home from an event with the Assistant Band Director.  "So, Leasa, what are you going to do with your life?"  he said to me.  I was 17.  I had no idea.  NONE.  I'm going to be a teacher.  I'm going to get married.  You know all that stuff everyone tells us what we are supposed to do.  Did I say that to this man?


My answer:  I remember this as clear as today.  "I'm going to write a book".

Him:  What's the book going to be about?

Me:  No idea

Him:  SO, what if you write this great, incredible, wonderful book and you sell a million copies  (WAY before Internet days), that's it?  One book?

Me:  Yep.  Pretty much

Him:  What's if it's the best seller of all time????

Me:  Doesn't really matter.  I wrote my book.  I don't need to write another one.

This conversation was buried in the vault of "many conversations" never to be thought of again.  Although, I remember this one clear as day.  I even remember the smirky look over like "okay, you go with that".

Obviously, I remember this conversation.  25 years ago.

It's time.  I have the basis.  I have the characters.  AND, I have the following.....

WHICH, truly brings me to the subject of our conversation.......

It's okay that you read my blog.

I read other blogs too.  Although, I do know how you feel.  You feel - wait scratch that - I feel when I read a blog, I'm reading someones personal journal.  I feel guilty - I'm invading their personal space.

Only, we are putting it all out there for everyone to read.  We put our journal out to the world.  Yes, it's scary.  We try to not to write knowing those we know are reading it.  They might judge us.....

OR, they might admire us.  What I REALLY love - and you will all know whom you are, the ones whom would never tell me you read my blog.  Truthfully, there is no way to track whom reads any blogs - (or at least mine) - it's all by country.  I do have readers in Germany, South Africa, the US and Russia (figure those are the spam bots).  Yes, I'm sure the stats people know by IP addresses, but not to worry, it doesn't say:  so and so is reading your blog. 

Those that read my blog - I have no idea.  Except of course - my mom, my aunt and my cousin. Much like the columnists of years ago.  (I guess times haven't really changed)

What I do know.......  When you mention something that has happened in my life.  Then I take a moment and look at you in a peculiar way, thinking how do they know that?  Did I post it on Facebook??? Granted it takes me a bit.  When I do figure it out, I think: Oh yeah, they must have read my "column"......


A few of MY 'regular blogs' - as a disclaimer, I have no idea what anyone reads/read or their Sunday paper, but here are two of mine:    

(then from the above blog, I read Kate McRae)

They are NOTHING like each other.  They are columnist.  I like their stories.

Thanks for liking mine.......  

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  1. I hope you do write that book!

    I have always wanted to open the "One Book Book Store" and, yep, only sell one book! It could be your book!

    Aunt Netta