Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I gave birth today

Deadline driven.  It would describe my personality.  Well, at least one of my personalities.

I work best when I can work with an end date in sight.  You know, it has to happen on July 1.  Not, if it doesn't happen on July 1 - you can extended it.  I need a "you have no choice".  Not, "oh, well, if you miss the test on Tuesday, there is a make-up test on Thursday.  Cause?  Guess what, I will take the Thursday test.

Waiting to the last minute?  Not me.  I'm a gatherer of sorts.  Gather what you need.  Take what you can - then just before the deadline - get your "ducks in a row"  (your stuff together).  Then, turn it in.

Both my sons were born two days before their "due" date.  I had everything done.  Everything was ready.  Work was finished.  Okay now, I can go have a baby.

Today, I gave birth again.  And starting Thursday, I'm on maternity leave.  Only this time my baby isn't a human.  It's a company.  Funding came through.  Into the bank account through.  As in, I've NEVER seen so many commas when it comes to cash.

I needed to throw up.  When that feeling passed, my eyes wanted to water up.  Alas, I was at work - no tears there.

We set a huge goal.  We accomplished it in 9 months.  I leave two days from today.  AND today, I gave birth.  Right on schedule.  Right on track.  All in duex time.    This time, I got a text saying "you are a superstar.  Couldn't have done it without you."  Maybe I've finally learned something.


"Maternity" leave starts Thursday.

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