Friday, June 7, 2013

I don't remember loving you

A funny thing happened on the way home from New York.

This trip was booked last minute.  And guess what?  The flights both ways were sold out.  So, booking last minute, guess where I got to sit??  Yes, the middle seat.  Both there and back.  I can't even remember the last time I sat sin a middle seat?  At LEAST 15 years.  AT LEAST.  The nice thing about traveling with kids, is, well, you get your own row.  Guess what, I'm not sitting in the middle with my kids. I'm an aisle kind of girl.  I have long legs.  I do miss the view from the window.  There are moments I wish I was in a window seat (now that has happened before), but I'm usually quite content in the aisle seat.

The flight out was uneventful.  Couldn't even tell you what the people looked like whom were sitting with me in my row.  Take that back, the guy sitting next to me was Middle Eastern - young, and both of us kept falling asleep.  You know how when you doze "in and out" your body sometimes "jerks"?  That kept happening to both of us.  Once, he hit me. 

The flight home?  The adorable 23 year old girl (born in 1990) sitting by the window proceeded to tell me her life story (imagine that!).  Summary:  She was adopted, living in a very wealthy part of New York (my knowing where that was - I have friends from there), flying to spend a week with the woman whom gave birth to her.  This was her third trip (So, very glad it wasn't her first trip by herself - otherwise, I would be in Wyoming now, being the support she needed).  I digress.

The guy to my right?  Business guy.  Sales guy.  Lives in Denver.  (And I know where you are all going now, but hang in there...) We start talking.  "What do you do?" , I ask him.  He goes on and on and I reply "now does your company do all of that or do you outsource the "extra" services?  He replies " No, that's us".  I say, "Oh, blah blah blah services, as in X company?"   "How do you know X company"  "I've recruited for them for the last two years."  We continue our conversation and knew many common people (only I only know them via phone and e-mail).  I did ask if he was someone I might have met.  He wasn't.  I didn't have the heart to ask if he needed help recruiting people to his team. 

In fact, for the last two years, I've HATED recruiting for his company.  I don't like them.  We broke up. 

We have more conversations and it turns out he's a nice guy, been with the company 15 years.  I've never even heard his name.  He's pretty high up there too.  There offices are moving - we were talking NYC real estate.  Oh yeah, their headquarters are in NYC. 

I knew this once a upon a time.  Once upon a time, I would have remembered that, and even though I was there on someone else's dime, I would have gone to see them.

This time, I didn't even remember ever loving them.

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