Friday, June 21, 2013

Deja Vu

This all seems so very familiar.  Yet, I don't know if this is the dream or my life in Colorado is the dream.

Back in Kona for the summer!  Back sleeping at the cutest house in the whole world.  I'm not sure I really slept last night or not.  In and out.  Maybe I was time traveling.

I arrived last night with straight hair and dry skin.  Directly to a house, that I didn't even get lost trying to get here. This morning when I woke up, the hair is curly and the skin feels so soft.  AND my nose isn't dry from the smoke from the fires in Colorado.

The cats acted like they recognized me.

Yesterday at approximately, 12:35 mountain time, two very special people from Hawaii arrived in Denver.  I received the text "just landed" - my eyes watered up.  That was my queue to leave my lunch and get to the airport.  I dropped my bags at the curb, got checked in.  Drove the loop through the airport and went to passenger pick up.

There at passenger pick up, I handed the couple whom is going to live in my house for the summer the key to the car.  They gave me the key to theirs.

As they drove off to "their" Denver home, I went to board my plane.

This morning I had to call to get the internet password.  I asked about the cat.  "Oh, he's following me around"  I said, "He's probably, "oh where have you been???""  Yes, he said, it's like he never knew I was gone.

It's funny, I have had this dream for years - I'm living in Colorado, raising some boys.  I'm living in Kona, raising some boys, only here there is a girl too.  Hmmm, not sure which is the Deja Vu.....

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