Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Do you like my hat?"

"Go, Dog, Go".  A children's book written Dr Seuss style - only Dr. Seuss didn't write it.  He may have illustrated it.  I'm not sure why it's in the same format as the Dr. Seuss books, but it is one of those style of books.

Go, Dog, Go.  Stop, Dog, Stop.  I think I read this book for at LEAST three straight years every night with the boys.  I still have the book memorized.  Throughout the book, two dogs meet.  The female dog asks the male dog "Do you like my hat?"  He consistently replies the entire book:  "I do not like your hat".

She tries, the entire book.

Granny got off the plane today in Kona.  With her green hat on.  She told me how my compliments she received her entire way to Kona.  A friend of mine met Granny at LAX - there was a four hour lay-over.  My friend tells me, "Granny, get offs the plane, the flight attendant gave her a bottle of wine.  She has two new friends and everyone loves her hat.  She's adorable.  And you say, you have never met a stranger".  I reply, "In case you were wondering where I got it from"......

Bless her.  Mahalo to her.

Granny makes it to Kona and says "You should always wear a hat"  "You get so much attention and people remember you".  I'm sure everyone remembers Granny.  I'm also sure everyone on the entire 180 degree circle within Granny knows the story of why she is traveling to see me in Kona.

We will let her keep thinking it's all about her hat.  Maybe it is.

At the very end of "Go Dog Go", the female dog try's one more time:  "Do you like my hat?"  He replies, "Yes, yes, I do, I like your party hat".  Of course he does.  Whom wouldn't like the party hat?  Maybe it's just another lesson.

Wear hats.  You get lots of attention.

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