Saturday, June 15, 2013

Here we go again

Today was packing/cleaning/organizing day.  It happens once a year.

Sometimes I think we should do it a bit at a time - but the ONE day method works well around here.  Works well, but is VERY tiring! VERY.

We leave on Thursday for Hawaii.  Actually, I leave Thursday.  Nolan to follow in 9 days, Duncan in 16 days.  Our annual house swap.  Yes, just like the movie "The Holiday".  We trade lives for a summer.  That is what the blog was originally about.  Stories from our adventure.

Not that the house is super dirty or super cluttered - we just box up some things - move clothes around.  Then wash the stuff that doesn't get washed on a regular basis.  Like:  The duvets on the beds, the shower curtains, the baseboards, the tops of the ceiling fans, and on and on and on......

At the end of "cleaning day" the first summer, the boys said "I'm not sure this is going to be worth it".  They had been in Hawaii less than 12 hours when I heard "It was SO worth it".

So today, we cleaned.  We organized.  We did lots and lots of laundry.  The last load is drying now.  The repairs have been done around the house.  The car still needs a tune up and an oil change.  We still have to "un clutter" the kitchen" But today, there was not ONE complaint.  Not one gripe.  We had music playing. We worked as a team and are almost there.  This time we all know, it will be SO worth it.


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