Monday, March 12, 2012

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

I'm not a believer in club sports.  After school sports - I'm all for it.  Sports in general, yes.  Activities, yes.  Activities/Sports where you practice 3 times per week, plus at least one game, if not two every weekend, plus 3 tournaments. (tournaments = 4/5 games in one weekend around the state and one out of state).  Now multiply that by two. 

Two sons playing club hockey.  Yes, I support my sons and what they want to do.  Club hockey.  No.  On an average weekend we have at least three games.  (This is an average).  Try-outs start in August.  The season ended today.  My sons are good hockey players, not GREAT hockey players. They love the sport.  Their dad loves the sport.  Their dad is an incredible, wonderful father.  Therefore, the boys love playing club hockey.

I think we do too much for our kids today.  They (being the so called experts) say, the children today lack motivation.  And in part, I think it's true. 

My sons don't WANT for anything.  It's truly hard for them to think of things they want for Christmas and Birthday's. Unless of course, that something they want is completely outrageous. 

When you WANT something; REALLY, REALLY want something - you figure out how to make it happen.  Or wait, maybe that's me.  Some people give up and think it's out of reach.  Others, figure it out. 

I do tell my sons they can't have things.  I even say "we can't afford it".  It's the truth.  We can't afford everything they think they want, when they want it.

Years ago - they were 5 and 6, they wanted a trampoline.  I told them if they would save $200, I would pay the rest.  They saved for 9 months (a birthday each and Christmas) - pooled all their cash and we went and bought a trampoline.  We've been through 2 "beds" on the trampoline - we are now on to our third.  The trampoline is bounced upon on a daily basis.    They were invested in this. 

Yes, they have a Wii - no, it's not played that often.  The basketball net - yes, it was gift, and it's played daily also.

There is a balance between want and give.  If they WANT it, I usually have no trouble supporting helping them achieve their goals. 

In today's structured, over-instruction world, I'm a believer in GO PLAY.  Yes, coaching and lessons help make you good.  However, there will always be the voice in the back of my head that says "against all odds, the good ones rise to the top - you just have to want it."

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