Thursday, March 1, 2012

Short Version - Q&A

****Word of warning:  I'm EXHAUSTED.  The great incredible, wonderful type of exhausted.  SO EXHAUSTED in fact, I can't think straight enough to write.

But for my adoring fans (namely my mom and my aunt) - this is this the short version of what happened today.  There won't be any lessons or deep thoughts - just ramblings, until tomorrow, after I've slept. The name of tomorrows blog will be Questions and Answers, but tonight - it's the short version.

I worked

I swam

I picked up Al and we went to the most Northern Tip of the island.  We passed the turn around point for the Ironman Bike Race (so I've driven it now - does that count??)

We saw more whales.

We watched the sunset at a beach I've never been to before - and Neil Young lives on end of that beach - No, he didn't come out and sing.

All is good on the island.  And now you have more questions than answers......

But I must now go to sleep, for tomorrow I'm going to learn to ride this paddle board that I can't get on the truck.  I must work, I must write, I must finish organizing career day for my kids school.  Then it's ALoha Friday.  A motorcycle ride, paddle board riding and cocktails for the sunset.  Holy cow, I'm back to living on island time.  I heard Denver got snow.....

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  1. Thank you!
    Catch up on your rest!
    Your loving aunt!