Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

WARNING:  This is a long one.  Go get some tea or some wine and some tissues.   You might not need the tissues.  Then come back.

Kona Beer.  Kona Brewing Company.  Kona, Hawaii.  The beer from here is best in bottles.  Longboard is the best.  When you open the bottle on the cap, on the inside, is a word.  It's a Hawaiian word with the English translation.  Truthfully, I'm not a big beer drinker.

This is almost like a "fortune cookie" of the day kinda of beer.  What will is the theme of the day?  What's under the cap?  What will the day bring us?

Last fall, my friend Al (that summer romance that came home) came to visit in Denver.  I bought some Kona beer to have on hand.  We had gone hiking in Vail - my favorite hike in the world.  Piney Lake.  It's beautiful.  It looks exactly like you think it would.  Perfect.

We went on the hike and as we were getting ready to leave, we pulled over by the river to have a couple of cold beers.  From the ice chest in the trunk.  Our bottle caps had  "HOA" and "IPO - respectively, "Friend" and "Lover" on them.  A perfect description of the day.  Those bottle caps sit with my beach glass on the window ledge in my kitchen.  Every morning they make me smile.  There is beach glass, two bottle caps and a quarter with the state of Hawaii on it.  In a nice little dish.

I'm not a collector of things.  To me, it's clutter.  Much to my Granny's dismay - I just can't add "stuff" to my house.  I'm all about the experience.  I do keep memento's though.

This trip has been seen through the dashboard lights. Paradise by the Dashboard Light.  Yes, the old Meatloaf song.  Not sure quite why it reminds me of these two weeks, but it does.  Really though, it's not the Dashboard Light - it's the bottle caps.

The feeling I feel - it's almost like a "fortune cookie" of the day!  What is going to happen?

Yes, I have drank a lot of beer this trip.  I've also found a lot of the bottle caps.



Strong - IKAIKA  (i-ka i ka)
Warrior- KOA
Smart - AKAMAI

That was the theme.  I decided not to drink the last beer.  In my heart of heart - the bottle cap says "HOPE"

No, I don't know the Hawaiian word for Hope.  I just knew it said hope.  Hope is something we need to have.

The next round?

I'm on a boat.  Fishing with a bunch of guys I don't know.  Lance's wife suggested I go fishing.  I wish she would have suggested we go "catching".

This theme:

Ocean - MOANA
Drink - INU

That works.  That fits.  I'm living life.

Still couldn't drink that last beer.

I bought more.

The first cap from this set?

Hooray - HULO

It made me smile.  I turned the corner.  I held out.  I didn't drink the last beer.  I waited.  Hold out for what you want.

The second week is a blur.  There was one moment though:

Back to the story about me pulling over on the side of the road???  Asking this man to get in the car?  When we sat down at the beach - mind you I was still shaking.  I look down.  There is a bottle cap.  It's says:  Strong (IKAIKA).  You can do this....

That night?  After spending hours with this man - that I can't tell the whole story about YET - that I have to be patient and wait. (No, he's not married)  No one is in a hurry.  Do you know what the cap said????

"HOA"  Friend.  Of course it did.

What comes next??

To Finish - PAU
Friendship - LauLea
Dinner Party - Pa-INA

I have to go home, I'm not strong enough to sit here and have more beers with you.  I'm not that strong.  I don't care what the Dashboard light says.

He has to leave.  He has some things to finish too......

Next round?

Wave Crest - 'ALE
Ocean - MOANA

Is this the peak?  Ride the Wave??

Next Round???

Seriously, the only thing that showed up???


Reef's can be dangerous.  Reefs can also be a place to wait and explore.  There are some really cool things around reef's.

Still, there is one beer bottle left in the fridge.  The one from the first week.  The one that gave me hope.

I'm taking the bottle caps home.  Every once in a while - Martha Stewart comes screaming out of me.  Not too often, but every once in a while.  I was ready to make a picture frame - out of bottle caps.... :-)  I'm thinking now, they really need to be used as a "horoscope" of the day.  Pick the one.  Embrace it.  Love it.  And know it's okay if that's not what you were thinking.  After all, I'm a girl, whom believes in Hollywood.

However, this is an independent film.  Very low budget.  If this were Hollywood, Neil Young would have come out and sang for us the other night......

Instead we have bottle caps.  And we have one un-opened beer.  The one in the fridge.  The one we will leave and we will never know.  We always wonder what was under that cap.  I'm already thinking of what IS under the cap:


I could go on and on.  Although, the only cap that hasn't shown up this trip?  Lover.

We will never know.....

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