Thursday, March 8, 2012

The places I've changed

Changing clothes.  We do this daily.  We shower.  We put on make-up.  Every day, we change.

Places I never imagined changing clothes:

Vail parking garage.  After skiing, when just up for the day, but before going home.  The first time, it seemed quite odd.  Second time, well, not so different at all - there are lots of people changing in the garage.  It's quite funny.  Here you are at a world class resort/ski mountain - changing clothes in a parking garage.  Or showering at the club locker room at the hotel, because they don't check id's.

Yes, granted, I did this when I was bit younger.  I also did this last year with 3 other mom friends before picking our sons up for the Train concert.  They didn't need to know we stayed to late skiing, and the free concert was starting.  We felt gross, they didn't care.

I have a new one.  The pier in Kona.  I actually shaved my legs at the shower on the Pier.  A personal best for even me.  The showers are really to rinse off.  The water is cold.

When leaving the house, I always took extra clothes (lesson learned last summer), the camera and shampoo and conditioner.  I have never considered my curly hair fortunate, but it does make life easy in humidity - as long as proper attire isn't required.  A little hair product and one is good to go. 

I washed my hair.  I conditioned my hair.   And Al, borrowed both.  Quite the site.  Only, we weren't the only ones showering at the Pier.

Then, you do go inside the bathrooms to change clothes.  Although, I'm not sure if anyone would have minded people changing clothes either.  Maybe the tourist.  Maybe not.

But we are talking about me here.  And I'm not talking about clothes.

A few years ago when I had done my marathon - I told client about the marathon.  Six months or so later, I get an e-mail saying he had signed up with the running group I went with to Greece and went to Ireland to run a marathon.  Seriously?

We change people too.  We change ourselves and those we meet along the way.  We never know when something we say will influence another (both positive and negative).

We need to change.  Some friends come and go - and always come back.  Others stay for a bit and then move on. Or we move on.  Others stay forever.  We are truly lucky when someone enters our life - even for a bit.

You can thank your blessings for what has been bestowed upon you.  You can be miserable because it's not the same as you want it. There is a reason.  We just don't always see it.

Changing isn't about the clothes.

You can change. You can get older.  You are going to do one, if you are lucky.  Why not do both?

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