Friday, March 16, 2012

Ramblings from home

I went with my oldest son and his dad to register him for classes for high school tonight.  A very weird feeling.  How can it be?

I know, I have no idea. He's going to high school. A BIG high school.  He's been in a "bubble" his whole life.  My sons go to a GREAT school.  It's a K-8 Denver Public School.  It's not a charter school.  It's not a private school.

It IS the #1 school in Denver.  The parents are OVER involved.  Great staff.  Great teachers.  It's been our little world for the last 9 years.  And it's time to move on.  There are 50 kids per grade.  I call it my public/private school.

High school - it's definitely a public school.  I think there are 600 kids PER GRADE.  We are about to hit the real world.  And he's excited.  Of course, several of his really good friends are going there.  What he doesn't realize is that he will have a whole new group of friends by the end of high school.  It's a really good school.

The way Denver schools are set up - you can go to your neighborhood school or you can "choice" into the school you want.  Then it is strictly a "lottery" system.  Say, 400 kids from the neighborhood go to the school.  Then there are 200 slots left.  All the kids that "choiced" in and picked this school first are put into a lottery.  Lots of kids he knows didn't get in.  He's the charmed child.  He got in.  Of course he did.  We are talking about the kid whom won a contest at a gas station.

He's ready.  I sure hope mom is.

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