Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Emotions of a Luau

Granny and I went to a Luau tonight.

Dancers, flame throwers, pig cooking, too much food and lots of fun.

I've been to a Luau before.  I knew what to expect.  I also knew there would be a very difficult part of the evening.  You see, in Hawaii, there are many honeymooners.  Many people celebrating their anniversary's.  During part of the show, they recognize this.  They ask for all the honeymooners to stand up.  They then ask for those married up to 5 years to stand up.  Then the 5-25 years.  Then those from 26-49.  Then those whom have been married over 50.

I told her to stand-up.  She didn't want to.  Papo wasn't here.  But, if he were still here - well, you wouldn't be HERE.  She wouldn't stand up.  But, then being the grand-daughter I am, well, I had already told them.  They asked for Mr. & Mrs Walls to stand up.  Only she stood up by herself.  Even without him here standing next to us, but standing in our hearts - they were married 66 years.  She deserved to stand up.  She received a CD of Hawaiian music as the couple whom had been married the longest.  They beat everyone in the crowd by at least 15 years.  She deserved to stand up.

Then as the young guy of the couple sitting next to us was going to ask her to dance.  They had asked for all the anniversary couples to dance.... The man whom had been standing next to us in line, came and asked my Granny to dance.  She asked me later if I had asked him to do that, but I really hadn't.  You see, Granny had told him our whole life story while in line.  Turns out, he lives on the island, he's re-married, but the love of his life is buried in Mt Vernon, Texas.  A place not far from a place that helped raise my Papo.

Sometimes we travel a very long way to learn to stand up.

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  1. Thank you for giving Momma this opportunity!