Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm dirty. Grimy and EXHAUSTED.  As I've said before, that WONDERFUL DIRTY GRIMY EXHAUSTED.  And I wouldn't change a thing.

We've decided:  people watch us.  Of course, I LOVE to watch people, but we are being watched.

I "met" Carolyn and I today.  Only we are in our 70's.  I sent Carolyn a text and told her so, and I told her "I just met us in 30 years, with Marie."  After thinking about the text, it wouldn't be Marie - she will be in her 30's in 30 years.  The girl with "us" was in her early 20's.  So, I guess I met "us" and our "grand-daughter".  We are still fun. 

Fun in the way - as I'm walking across the beach, to the bar, at the hotel next to the public beach, they stop me, to tell me they like my dress.  It's cute on me.  And it's very flattering.  And I should own a few more of them.  I explained I had been wearing this dress all summer, they understood.  They said I should wear it all summer.  One of them was in a wheelchair (that will be me, because I don't know how to say "I'm too old to do that anymore".) Truly, if I didn't have three kids running around a resort that we aren't staying at, well, I would have sat down.  I would like to know we turn out okay - well, never mind, we know that answer.

The kids - they are dirty - DIRTY.  Sand in your face, in your swimsuit, in your toes kind of dirty.  This is my FAVORITE beach.  I was a little disappointed when I found out it was man-made.  No wonder it's so perfect.  AS IN - PERFECT - just go look at the pictures:  -

Lily is keeping track of how many times people think she and the boys are siblings.  We are up to 8 - 2 today.  Wait, maybe that's 3 today.  The really funny thing is:  We are white people.  We just all have the same eyes.  Someone even asked Nolan and Lily if they were twins (this was before Duncan arrived).  Seriously?  She's a foot taller than him, and his hair is very blonde.  It's fun to watch.  It's fun to be the mom.

If that doesn't make you feel dirty, nothing else will......

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