Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peter, I must go home

Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite movies.  For many reasons.

I will FOREVER be attracted to the Peter Pan type of male.  It seems a lot of women have trouble with those men.  I think, the women are trying to make them something they aren't.  Of course, my sons hockey coach is 35 years old and still couch surfing.  I'm not saying, you have to have a house on the golf course, a nice car and a country club membership to be successful in life - in fact, just the opposite.  What I'm saying is that, you need to be able to take/provide for yourself.

Me, I like Peter Pan.  He was comfortable with himself.  Why would we want to change him?

In my humble opinion, we are doing a HUGE disservice to boys/men today.  We need to empower them as much as we empower the girls/women.  After all, they have dads, they need to be proud of.  Instead, it seems to be this "woman are just as good - if not better thing going on".  Well, what if we aren't?  What if MEN really are better than women?  What if women REALLY are better than MEN?  I didn't realize this was a competition.....

Aren't we here on Earth to make everyone better?  When you step on me, to climb your way up, you are hurting both of us.  For the first time ever, we are sending more females to the 2012 Olympics than than males.  I'm not proud of that fact.

Yes, I know - blah, blah, blah - boys/men have always been given so much more.  Yes, I'm a headhunter - I'm hired to find companies find people - Yes, we want "young, aggressive" and if they could be male, well, even better.  Sorry, the same applies the other way "we need young , aggressive and go-getters" - female.  It works both ways.

It will be interesting to see the next round of workers.  Why would they work?  If it gets bad, someone will bail them out.  Mom, Dad, Step-Mom. Step-Dad - are we sure this is all bad for the kids like they tell us????

So what if they fail?  They DON"T CARE.  Why should they?   It all works out for them.  Actually, it all works out for all of us.  SO they don't want the house and the country club and the porche and all those other material things.  Maybe, they just want to continue to play... Who can blame them? 

They get it.  We might have been the ones to fail.

Then, the other reason I love Peter Pan?  I love escaping to Neverland.    Although, the visits to "Neverland" are more and more often each year.  10 years ago I could keep the "visits/escapes" to once an quarter.  Then every other month.  Then every six weeks.  I'm at once a month now.  

Maybe, it's visiting Neverland once or twice a year.  It's balance.

Let us fly to Neverland -we can go home later.  Or we might just be Peter, we might want to stay.....

For now though Peter, I'm EXHAUSTED.  Not the, "what can we do tomorrow" type of EXHAUSTED, but the real, completely raw, honest feeling of exhaustion.

I need to put my sweatpants on; turn the air conditioning on until it's cold in the house and WATCH A MOVIE type of exhausted.  (If you don't know me very well, everyone that does know me will tell you, thiss happens MAYBE once a year.  MAYBE). Living proof Gypsy Girl is not allowed to be in charge.

It's been an INCREDIBLE summer.  A summer I wanted at 13.  I got it, just 30 years later than I asked for it.  That's okay, I wouldn't change a thing.

Wendy must go home now.  Wendy went home from Neverland to grow up.  Please don't count on me doing that, but as long as I can come back and "clean" every spring. I think I can go home now.......

But first, there is a "Captain Hook" to pick up at the airport tomorrow, a lifeguard competition on Saturday and THEN a red-eye flight home on Sunday.  Didn't really think I could "just leave" now, did you????/

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