Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Parent Trap

There was movie back in maybe the 50's?  I remember it as a re-run. What I really remember is that there were twin girls, separated at birth and they go to summer camp.  They discover they are TWIN sisters and plot to get their parents back together.  I also remember, I didn't know it was one person playing both the girls until I was in high school.

My kids remember the movie from the Olsen twins.  Although, I remember watching the same movie when they were kids, but I don't remember it being the Olsen twins. I do remember the watching the updated version.

This summer - I think I'm living that movie.

Once, after our magical adventure on the Fairwinds boat - when my summer daughter proclaims "this is like the movie THE PARENT TRAP!!""  It SO made me smile.

The summer is progressing along.  We are all having fun.  We are all living life to the fullest.  Well, except the Grumpy Bear, he's just pretending it's all going well.

We had company.  We've been busy.  The summer daughter has been with us as much as possible.  In fact, they spend so much time together, their mannerisms have begun to mimic each other.  It's quite cute to watch.  Even her dad commented on the fact that we became her "family".  What he won't accept and refuses to admit - is this is NOT my fault.  Some how when we leave, he thinks he's getting his daughter back.  I sure hope so, but, well, 13 year old girls, we never know which way the wind will turn them.

The second time:  Last night, we all ended up at dinner together.  The kids then "all had to go to the bathroom."  At the EXACT same time.  It was pretty funny.  I'm sure he didn't have a clue.

Today, well, I'm doing one thing, the boys are doing another. And I run into him while I'm running - a passion he loves and the girl in the ohana does not. I get the call to get my girl.   I have my boys, I go get my girl - and we all hang out at the beach

When we watch movies, as I've said before, it's all wrapped up in a couple hours.  This movie is taking awhile.  As it should.

It's not really a made for TV movie.  More, well, just like an old movie, with some old friends.  Only this time, I'm playing the lead role.  Wait, weren't the kids the lead in that movie???  

They are leading this movie too......

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