Monday, July 16, 2012

The Peaman

Kona, HI is known for various things.  Coffee, snorkeling, beaches - just to name a few.  If you are an athlete, Kona is know for a few other things:  THE IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP,  Kona Marathon, Boarding, Biking, just to name a few more.

What isn't known, but everyone should know:  Peaman Events  These events are free athletic events.  Remember when events didn't cost $100 to enter??  You didn't have to change your whole way of life just to participate in something?  You could JUST PARTICIPATE?  In fact, I think we need a Peaman Event in every city. 

Today, was the Red, White and Blue Biathlon.  Yes, they realize Independence Day was two weeks ago.  They also mentioned that shouldn't we celebrate our independence every chance we get????  Hard to argue with that.

1/2 mile swim, 3.5 mile run.  No registration fee.  No forms to fill out.  No numbers. No timing chips.  No medals. No t-shirts. 

Remember?  Those things you used to do, well, because you ENJOYED them?

The only rule:  If there isn't a category for you, they will create one.

Nolan, Duncan and Lily were a relay - Lily did the swim (4th out of the water over all), then the boys took off running.  Al (Lily's dad) did the swim, and I did both!!! (YES, mom is the real rock star here). 

We don't know the results yet - and you know why???  When Lily got out of the water, they handed her a Popsicle stick with a number on it, for the boys to carry on their run.  When Al, got out, he got a Popsicle stick with HIS number on it.  And me, well I was #109 - but that was for the whole thing, we will see how it breaks down into all the different categories. (The results will be published in the paper tomorrow - after they figure them out)

Then, of course, there were drawings after the race - this was probably the only normal thing about the whole event.  My name was drawn and I won a box of cookies.  (Homemade cookies).

The race director was giving away a lamp he had bought for his son, that his son never took.  (Shawn White lamp from Target).  It was the last drawing, the lady whom won it, well turned around and gave it to Nolan. 

Nolan won a LAMP at a drawing.  Who wins a LAMP????  (from Target, no less).  How the hell am I going to get this thing home?  We think it's going in Lily's room when we leave. 

Then there is a "PEA" - it's beautiful - KOA wood, about the size of a coconut, shiny, and passed from family to family at each event.  

If we didn't feel part of this community, we do now.  Not that we didn't.

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