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Newhart was a television situation comedy starring comedian Bob Newhart and actress Mary Frann as an author and wife who owned and operated an inn located in a small, rural Vermont town that was home to many eccentric characters. The show aired on the CBS network from October 25, 1982 to May 21, 1990. TV Guide, TV Land, and A&E named its series finale as one of the most memorable in television history.

(The above portion was copied from Wikipedia)

I remember watching a couple of episodes - I used to watch more TV than I do now, but I don't remember watching this series on a regular basis.  HOWEVER, I remembered a couple of things:

  • The two brothers "Darryl and my other brother Darryl" never spoke
  • The very last episode, they had it appear like the whole series had been a dream.  Suddenly, they were back in a previous series.  
Today, we picked up the owner of the house Joe (aka Captain Hook  - only he's really nice).  Of course, this was after Duncan's lifeguard training (more on that to come - I PROMISE), lunch and cleaning the house!

We have been house-sitting all summer.  This house is also for sale.  He doesn't need to sell the house.  He's bored.  He wants to move back to the mainland.  - SIDE NOTE HERE:  If you know of any single ladies 50+, PETITE (one of his requirements) and looking for love, please send them my way.  Of course, please let her know, she has to leave every summer to go to the mainland to fly around in his private plane.  (He's the pilot).  Please also tell her, I get to house-sit while they are gone.  (this portion is non-negotiable).  If we could find him someone to live here with him - he wouldn't sell the house!!!!!!  - We get to come back every summer.

Joe is a great guy.  Very funny.  Very ornery.  Nolan and I had left, leaving Duncan and Joe alone - we get back and they are arguing over something stupid like microwaves and why Joe doesn't have one.

During dinner, we are all talking about him moving, Duncan wanting to go to boarding school, and a couple of other things. He told us "we don't get a vote in this him selling the house".  He then proclaims 'Duncan, you are NOT going to boarding school" - in which Duncan replies, "you don't get a vote!!"  Then Joe pauses and says "how did I get roped into this family???"  I told him - "YOU were lucky - that's how".......

Suddenly then tonight, after dinner, I had this weird sense of deja vu.  Deja vu in the sense:  we just got here, Joe is about to leave to go to the mainland and we are just starting this adventure.  And the opposite thought:  "What are you doing here in our house?  This is our house now"

During this thought process, all I could think was "remember that show with Bob Newhart in it and how it ended???"  That everything for the last seven years was a dream?  Was this all just a dream???

The show was named Newhart.  I think I'm calling it New Heart......I might have to start wearing more sweaters......

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