Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneaking Out

Whom hasn't snuck out of their house?  Or snuck someone in?

Once in like, I don't know 9th or 10th grade - Laurel and I snuck out - to the end of her drive way.  ;-)  David and Peter came over to hang out.  We were all just friends and I guess we had to be home before them.  I don't really remember, what we did, but hang out and probably listen to music.  But I do know her parents were asleep and we had "gone to bed".  (I can't say this was the only time I've snuck out!)

Again those years are re-approaching.  Only this time, I'm the mom.  I feel a bit like Wendy in Peter Pan.  When he returns, only to find Wendy grown.  I'm now Wendy and Peter and his friends are my boys.

Our property here on the island has a main house and two ohana's (ohana meaning family)  They build houses here with houses for their "family".  Most people rent them out.  I'm staying in the main house (there are about 2 acres or so here).  The second ohana is rented out year round to a local girl.
 Just for clairification, this is a WONDERFUL, INCREDIBLE house.  It is in NO WAY FANCY.  The owner Joe, is a mid 60's bachelor.  It's amazing the cleaning I've done since I've been here!

Sorry for the tangent there!  Nolan has been staying in one ohana.  Basically, he has his own apartment for the summer.  We had some friends from Denver arrive - the three boys slept up there and the other two adults and little girl here in the main house.  

My summer daughter couldn't spend the night while they were here - except the one night our Denver friends were on the other side of the island.  When she stays over, she sleeps here in the main house with me.  She comes right in, she knows where her stuff goes, she has a toothbrush here, on and on.  You get the idea.  Well, since our friends were in "her" room, the pull out couch was out.  

The ohana is good size.  There is one queen bed, a blow up bed that Duncan has been sleeping on and a couch.  (plus a mini kitchen, a table and chairs and a bathroom).

Lily you are sleeping on the pull out couch.  No big deal.  

The kids all go up to the ohana to watch a movie.  I'm uploading pictures to my share site.  I'm getting a little work done - and they all know I usually go to bed around 10.  Anything after that, and, well, I'm not really functional anyway.  SOOOOO, I told my summer daughter, it was okay if she fell asleep watching the movie in the onaha - oh yeah, there is a TV and DVD player too....

Look, I know this would never happen in the real world.  If this was one of your friends at home, NO, this would not be happening.  Yes, we are in Kona and I guess the "summer rules" apply.  Of course, they have all spent SO much time together, their mannerisms have even started to mimic each other.  

BUT, being the smart girl she is - she came back to the house twice - once to brush her teeth.  The other time?  She was pretending she was going to bed.  It was actually really cute.  I was at the kitchen table still working on pictures.....  (much to her dismay)

I finally told her, "As far as I'm concerned, you were on the pull out bed when I went to bed".  I did the honorable thing, and went to bed while she was "on her bed".  

No, I didn't hear her leave.

When I woke up and started to work the next morning, I was in the house alone.  Granted, it's 5 am and I went up to the ohana.  Nolan's in his bed.  Duncan is in his bed and my summer daughter is asleep on the couch.

I wasn't sure if I should be proud or be mad at one of the boys for not giving up their bed.  I was proud of all of them - the TV was still on........

(and please - even if we all knew she was going to spend the night on the couch in the ohana, just let me have this moment!) ;-)


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