Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Better

One of the radio stations in town says the phrase "More Better".  "We are going to make your day 'more better'".  Every time we hear it, we all smile.  "More Better". Yes, we know, it's not "proper" and it's not correct, but hey, it makes us smile.

We have some friends from Denver staying with us for a week.  They are going to the volcano area for a couple of nights, but have been here since July 3.  This is a great incredible place and I don't want them to miss a thing - SO here we go - let's GO......

The kids and I go to Kua Bay (one of my favorite beaches) and wait for their plane to land.  It's about 10 minutes North of the Airport.  Literally, I'm on the beach, with four kids, and we see their plane.  The funny thing is, they see our beach from the plane and go WOW.  I see the plane and say "I've got to go!" I leave the four kids at the beach (can't get in the water until I return).  Go pick up our friends at the airport and bring them back to the beach.

Okay, and really, it's still hectic from there, but it's dropping/picking up/Costco/the pier/sushi/the house - in a round about way.....

The way I really plan my vacations; wait; make that my life:  One day busy, next day, well busy, just not hectic.  Paddle Boat Riding; Fireworks, walking through town; parades and happy people.

Magic Sand Beach - there was a SWELL.  A SWELL that traveled 6000 miles to cause havoc on the beaches of Hawaii.  Waves so strong and incredible, we couldn't even ride them.  The lifeguards went out 5 times in 1 hour.  2 ambulances came.  Then of course, it calmed down, and we played in the waves.

Now we all know, you don't really know someone until you travel with them.  I'm just glad my friends are still my friends.  Ready?  Okay, NOW, we are going to drive your rental car down a 25% grade, swim across a river and hike to a waterfall.  To me, the most wonderful thing about the whole day?  THEY LOVED IT.  In fact, they thanked me for taking them.  And the dad's face at the end of the day - well, we had another teenager with us.  SO excited about our day.

That made me SO happy.

When you love something or someone and you get to share what you love with others, it makes it all even more wonderful.

It doesn't get "More Better" than this.

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